Let’s Dispel the “Myths” of using a Regional Carrier like LSO

October 28 2019
package delivery

Feeling neglected or frustrated by FedEx and UPS? Are there good, viable alternatives to UPS or FedEx, and is another carrier really a “safe” business choice?

The answer is “YES!” Make LSO your new regional shipping partner.

The national shippers have the most visible brand, and therefore are the most well-known. Many shippers may be frustrated by the lack of attention they get or by being treated as a small fish in a big pond, but they may not be aware of other viable alternatives. Or, they may even be skittish about moving away from the big brands. In fact, there are excellent regional carriers like LSO, the largest regional carrier in the Southern part of the U.S., and we stand ready to serve your business and meet your customer needs. Whether you are looking to ship a package in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi or to one of our over 220,000 international destinations, we have you covered!

                                       Myths about using a regional carrier:

Myth: “We’ll lose our national discounts by moving to a smaller carrier.”

Truth:  If you are shipping enough in the LSO footprint to lose your national discount, with LSO’s discounts of up to 40%, you’re almost guaranteed to be ahead of the game.

Myth:We have an automated shipping system and the technology with a regional firm may not compare to what I’m using now.”

 Truth: At LSO, package tracking is comparable to the national firms and we can integrate with almost any shipping platform.

Myth: “Aren’t smaller firms more risky?”

Truth: We’ve been in business for almost 30 years, and offer the same or better on time service with an expanded overnight network that produces faster delivery times for your packages. We work with both medium sized local firms as well as very large national name brand customers who are very happy with our partnership.   

Using a regional carrier might seem like a big shift for your business, but you will find the advantages to be significant… lower prices, better service, responsive customer service, and more user friendly. Take the plunge…. and see the difference we can offer to help move your business forward!Bottom of Form

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