LSO Rolls Out New LTL SERVICE in Major Texas Markets

March 16 2020
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LSO Rolls Out New LTL SERVICE in Major Texas Markets

LSO has just given customers one more good reason to choose us for your specialized shipping needs. Once again, LSO is doing what it does best… offering customers a brand new service that goes over and above what other logistics carriers like UPS and FedEx are willing to do. Our new expanded LTL service will cover all four major markets in Texas: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.  These LTL services will complement our other highly reliable Express and Ground offerings, giving customers a choice and a  more cost-effective way to move your freight within the major markets in Texas than traditional legacy LTL carriers. Customers get the superior service of a parcel carrier and a much more user-friendly experience with desirable features such as flat rates, next day service, and money- backed guarantee.

Why is LSO pallet service a better alternative to legacy LTL carriers? Because it’s both simple and predictable. We require no NFMC classifications when you ship LTL with LSO. Even better, it leverages your buying power by combining and optimizing between LTL, Multipak, and Ground parcel models. And, we offer the same manifesting and labeling as a parcel shipment—with no bill of lading and no change in your parcel shipping system.

Sound simple? It is! And even better, we will provide value-added services at the time of delivery that the legacy carriers can’t or won’t do. Visit us online at, or call one of our Sales Representatives at 866.231.7357 who stand ready and waiting to discuss your LTL shipping needs.

A new LSO website is headed your way on Monday, September 27! Get the complete details.