LSO Simple FAQ


We have exceptional response times with LSO. The nature of our business, plus our steady business growth, requires a number of capabilities in the regional shipping partner we choose – reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, and price – to name a few.

Maryann Stoddard

Director of Transportation, MSD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use LSO Simple with ground service?

No LSO Simple option is only available for LSO Priority service offerings and is only available when
shipping using LSO’s website at

What if I need Declared Value Service?

Additional Declared Value Service is an enhanced service feature and available for LSO Simple at the
then current Declared Value Service charge.

Can I get LSO Early Service or LSO Saturday Service with the Simple option?

Yes, both LSO Early and LSO Saturday Services are enhanced service features and available for use
with LSO Simple at the then current fees for these service features.

What if I don’t want to use LSO Simple all the time, can I still choose the Traditional LSO option?

Yes, the choice is always yours –every time. At LSO, we feel the best way to meet our customer’s needs is by offering them choices. Use LSO’s traditional pricing with our low base rates and then add the additional services you need such as residential delivery, on call pickup, etc. OR choose LSO Simple at the same published rates as the leading competitor with no extra fees for the standard service features. That means one price with no pickup fees, no residential delivery fees, no extended delivery area fess and no fuel surcharge!

Can I select LSO Simple option when using manual or pre-printed air bills?

No, LSO Simple is only available when using LSO’s website at

Is LSO Simple a flat rate?

No, LSO simple is an inclusive rate for the selected service level and does change depending on weight and zone combination. It is designed as a simple, easy to understand rate with no additional charges levied for the standard service features. Or, get more information about the LSO Money Back Guarantee.

I have a discount with LSO for LSO Basic and LSO Economy Overnight, will I get that discount on LSO Simple option too?

Yes, your discount would also be available for use with the LSO Simple option as well.

Are the delivery commitments different with LSO Simple option when compared to the same product using LSO Traditional option?

No, all of the standard service commitments and features are the same whether selecting the LSO Traditional option or the LSO Simple option for the same product.

Can I still use LSO supplies free of charge with the LSO Simple option?

Yes, LSO provided supplies are available free of charge regardless of whether you choose LSO Traditional option or LSO Simple option for LSO Priority products – LSO Early, LSO Basic, LSO Economy Overnight and LSO Saturday.

Do DIM weight rules still apply?

Yes, DIM weight rules are unchanged when using the LSO Simple option.

Where can I select the LSO Simple Option?

In your online airbill select the box “Use Simple Pricing.”

Does LSO offer a money back guarantee?

Effective April 9, 2021, LSO offers a Money Back Guarantee on Express LSO services:

* LSO Early Overnight™
* LSO Priority Next Day™
* LSO Economy Next Day™

For additional information about the LSO Money Back Guarantee, contact customer service at 866.230.6887, Mon-Fri 7:30am  – 7:30pm, and Saturdays 10:00am – 1:00pm, or email [email protected].

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