LSO | Lone Star Overnight, Launches LSO Simple Option

February 04 2019

Leave the complexity of extra fees, fuel surcharges, and additional services in the past with the LSO Simple Option.

Now, our customers can either select our traditional competitive pricing, at base rates up to 35% lower than the national carriers, and just add the cost of any additional services they need, …or they can choose the LSO Simple option without the complexity of extra fees or fuel surcharges for most additional services. Either way, the same great service features apply. The choice is theirs on every eligible shipment.

LSO Simple option matches the leading national competitors’ published rates for the equivalent 10:30 am and 3:00 pm overnight services for the appropriate zone and weight combination, but with:

LSO Simple Offers:

  • No extra charges
  • No per package pickup fees
  • No residential delivery fees
  • No extended delivery area fees
  • No fuel surcharges
  • The LSO Simple option is available with LSO Early Overnight, LSO Priority Overnight, LSO Economy Next Day and LSO Saturday.

All this allows you to save significant money when compared to the overall cost of services using the leading carrier. Moreover, your charges are simple and easy to understand.

Want to know more? Review the LSO Simple FAQ.

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