Make the Holidays the Vehicle to Build Long Term Customer Relationships

December 05 2019
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Make the Holidays the Vehicle to Build Long Term Customer Relationships

To our shipping customers: it is a wonderful time of year to solidify a long term relationship with your customers, and we understand that our excellent service to you is a big part of that. How you respond to customers at this time of the year will set up expectations and the opportunity for success for next year and the following years.

Remember, first impressions count a lot. It’s much easier to make a good first impression that to have to make up for a bad one. More often than not, in this age of high consumer expectations, they may not give you a second chance. Make sure your service team is trained, ready and eager to respond to the increase in holiday volume.

Building rapport with new customers is clearly important. Research indicates that people expect to get up close and personal with both their brands and their service providers. Many businesses haven’t caught on to this important fact yet, so if you excel at this, it gives you a chance to stand out among your competition. It’s extremely important to train your staff to put a smile on their face. With the hustle of the holidays, everyone gets stressed, but there is no better way to connect with a customer than to make them feel good. The old adage that “people remember how you made them feel, not what you said or did”, still holds true. And if your behavior is so positive that it surprises them, they will remember you and your company even longer.

Even with the holiday hustle bustle, encourage feedback from your customers and put it to good use. Customers want to share their feedback. Many of them won’t do it without prompting, particularly positive feedback. According to marketing expert BrightLocal, 70% of customers say they would share feedback on social media if requested to do so. LSO CEO Dick Metzler has been sending emails to regular customers for the past year, asking for their feedback. His personal cell number is on the email, so they know that he is serious about wanting to hear from them. And every email gets a response. Occasionally he gets feedback that he would prefer not to hear, but even then, it provides invaluable insight into what customers want and need from LSO, their shipping partner. Reviews don’t have to just live in the world of social media. Ask customers if you can use their positive comments in your email marketing campaigns, reminding them about the value you bring to their business.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about your long term valued customers in the rush to handle new ones. Tried and true customers will expect the same great service from you in high volume times, and if you meet those expectations, they will remain loyal for the long term.

 The team at LSO wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.    

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