Overnight Shipping Options Meet Both Business and Personal Needs

February 03 2020
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Overnight Shipping Options Meet Both Business and Personal Needs

Whether it is a critical legal document, a tax return, papers needed the next day to close a mortgage, or a birthday present bought the last minute for a friend, the overnight shipping option in the parcel business can meet your needs and save the day. The best way to get your critical package to its destination early the next day is via overnight shipping. All deliveries are guaranteed and trackable online, for your peace of mind.

You can schedule a one-time pickup, or if you have multiple outgoing packages on a regular basis, you can pre-schedule your pick-ups. Strategically placed drop boxes in your area also provide an alternative way to get your packages in the parcel system. Conveniently, drop boxes will display pick up cut-offs times so you know that it is safe to leave your package for overnight delivery if you meet the cut off time. Prices for overnight packages will depend on distance, delivery time frame, and package weight and size.

Choose 8:30 am, 10:30 am or 3 pm delivery times, depending on your needs. All of this sounds convenient, but what about price, you ask?

Enter LSO/Lone Star Overnight, the premier regional carrier in the Southwest that successfully competes with FedEx and UPS and offers the same or better on-time service, is friendlier and much easier to do business with, boasts less package damages, and offers you UP TO 40% of the cost of the national carriers. All these benefits make LSO an easy choice when you need fast and reliable overnight delivery. And, you get free shipping materials, too!

Visit LSO.com or call us at 866.230.1188 to open your account for overnight shipping

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