Questions I am getting on Coronavirus

March 31 2020

Questions I am getting on Coronavirus

I am writing to share with all of your questions that are coming to me personally on a regular basis.

Have you made any significant changes to your operation?
No. For now, it is business as usual. If that changes, me and my team will communicate that loud and clear.

What are you doing to minimize the risk to my people and your drivers when a package is delivered?
We have invested heavily in technology that helps significantly in these types of situations. Here is our procedure: 1. The driver draws an X and a line on the package. 2. The driver put the package at a safe distance per CDC guidelines and asks your person to sign the package. 3. The driver takes a picture of the package that is embedded in the delivery record that we can retrieve for you at any time.

Here is what makes no sense to me. One of our competitors is handing a piece of paper for your person to sign. Didn’t that mean that both your person and their driver touched the same piece of paper? I don’t understand why anyone would think that is a safe solution. In addition, if you need proof of delivery for your business, how do they provide that to you?

Has LSO suspended its money-back guarantee as FedEx did?
No, but in these uncertain times, it is hard to say never. Here is what I will say – the situation will have to be much, much worse than it is to get me to do what they are doing now. As a former FedExer, I am stunned. There are provisions in our money back guarantee and theirs for things that are beyond our control. In my book, you are either super serious about putting your money where your mouth is at – all the time – or you are not serious at all. If there was ever a time for the parcel industry to reassure our customers about the service it is now.

You are in good hands with my team, but if there is anything I can ever do to support them and you, please do not hesitate to call or write. People have also asked me if the number below really goes to my personal mobile phone. Yes, it does. I would, however, ask that you first try our uber dedicated customer service team at 866-231-3185 or [email protected]

Please stay safe and healthy.

Richard M. Metzler
President and Chief Executive Officer
LSO/Lone Star Overnight
M: 510-719-8380