LSO/ Lone Star Overnight and Retail Shipping Associates sign agreement

August 26 2019
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LSO/ Lone Star Overnight and Retail Shipping Associates sign reseller and package drop point agreement

Lone Star Overnight (LSO) announced their reseller and drop point agreement with Retail Shipping Associates (RSA). The agreement includes up to 700 RSA retail locations in Texas and Oklahoma. RSA mail centers offer an attractive and convenient shipping option for consumers in their local communities.

“This is a win-win-win agreement. RSA members have a whole new source of revenue and store traffic with a partner that does not compete, as is the case with FedEx and UPS,” said Richard Metzler, President and CEO of LSO. “At the 2019 RSA Expo last week, numerous RSA members shared stories about how they lose business to FedEx Office and UPS Stores. We are going to drive business to RSA stores, not away from them.”

Metzler went on to explain that perhaps the most important win in this agreement is that package customers can now access LSO more easily and save up to 40% compared to FedEx and UPS. LSO also wins by avoiding costs, because there will be only one pick-up for multiple customers.

“This partnership with LSO opens up new options that our members will find attractive for their shipping needs,” said Brandon Gale, President of RSA. “Our goal is to continuously provide our members with high quality resources, and LSO has an excellent reputation in the industry.”

About RSA:

As the largest organization of its kind, Retail Shipping Associates is a trade organization that supports the entire retail shipping community through training, vendor/carrier relations, profit directed programs and advocacy. RSA’s 7,000+ membership is comprised of both independent (non-franchise) and franchised stores throughout all 50 states, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. RSA is located in Richardson, Texas.

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