Speed and Service go Hand in Hand – and Getting It Right the First Time is Important

November 12 2019
Fast Driver

Speed and Service go Hand in Hand – and Getting It Right the First Time is Important

There was once a time in our industry when customers would be just as happy getting their package a day or two later if the shipping was free. Not so anymore. With an on-demand mentality, consumers want everything to happen quickly. The speed of delivery has become a major issue in logistics, but it doesn’t override the overall customer experience.

Consumers will pay more for quicker delivery, but carriers pay on the back end too if things aren’t done right the first time. One study by research company Access Development reported that nearly 80% of customers would take their business to a competitor within a week of experiencing poor customer service. This put the bar very high. Once a customer is gone, it’s almost impossible to get them back. Mis-delivered or late packages, staff time to track down a package, and a re-delivery, all these are extra costs to the carrier, but most important, they immensely impact the customers’ experience. Investing money and resources on the front end is a much smarter decision than trying to make it up to the customer on the back end. We at LSO/Lone Star Overnight are committed to keeping our promises… both SPEED and ACCURACY…. to our customers every day.

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