The Top 5 Consumer Based E-Commerce Tactics for 2020

February 26 2020

The Top 5 Consumer Based E-Commerce Tactics for 2020

Everyone knows that this is the age of the Delivery Economy—and e-commerce is here to stay. What can consumers expect in the upcoming months?

1.     Personalizing the Relationship

Digital marketing will continue to increase, and we will see retailers using customer data to personalize the content and product offerings to meet customers’ needs and preferences. Customers want to get up close and personal with their preferred brands.

2.     Data Privacy and Building Trust

While consumers want personalization, they also value their privacy, and protecting customer data will become an even bigger issue in the future, as businesses strive to get access to this data to tailor the customer experience. Building trust with a customer will continue to be important. Customers want what they want when they want it, and the more both businesses and shippers can respond to this need, the more positive the experience will be for the consumer. LSO is committed to keeping our promises to our customers by delivering on-time service and taking care of the packages that are entrusted to us.

3.     Unified Buying and Delivery Experience

Consumers expect a seamless transaction in their experience with both the retailers they buy from and also the shipping company that delivers their package. Research shows that if a customer has a negative experience in receiving their package, it lessens their opinion of the brand. All the more reason that shippers should choose the right shipping company to partner with. Smart shippers are choosing LSO/Lone Star Overnight for faster on-time service, friendlier customer service, and prices up to 40% OFF of the national brands.

4.     Value-Added Services, Added to Products

As products become more specialized and buyers become more sophisticated, raising their expectations, we will see an onslaught of useful, value-added services accompanying many of the buying options in the future. (Example: You buy a large screen intelligent TV, and you can order the setup service at the time of purchase.)

5.     Subscription Services

For businesses, selling through subscriptions is an attractive business model due to the consistent revenue stream. However, customers are becoming savvy to this model that once seemed attractive and convenient, and they may begin to realize that it impacts their personal finances in ways they don’t want. We may see a decline or pivot in the subscription model for this reason.

With higher customer expectations, data usage for the designing of consumer buying experiences, and alignment of shippers and shipping companies to give the consumer what they want, 2020 promises to be an important year for the e-commerce business.




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