Tissue Paper Packaging = More Customer Satisfaction and Environmentally Friendly

November 08 2019
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Tissue Paper Packaging = More Customer Satisfaction and Environmentally Friendly

To those of us in the business of delivering packages, secure packaging means products arrive safely with fewer damage claims and customers are happy. Who would have thought that the type of packaging products used actually has a significant emotional impact on the customer’s experience and satisfaction with that brand?

Here’s a great tip for shippers to impact their customers’ satisfaction and retention during the upcoming holiday season!

The packaging experts at research firm Package Insight conducted an interesting study with Seaman Paper Company to test the reaction of consumers to the type of packaging materials that accompany their shipments. They found interesting results….. tissue paper actually came out highest on the consumer’s list for preferred packaging material.

Customers who receive a package packed in in tissue paper are happier with the product they ordered and more emotionally attached to it than say, one that arrives wrapped in bubble wrap, And if that tissue paper is branded, the satisfaction level is even higher!  

The study revealed several interesting findings from respondents:

  • 77% felt happiness and surprise when they opened a box packed with tissue paper
  • 8 out of 10 said tissue paper improved their overall experience with the product
  • 76% said they were more likely to recommend a brand that packages with tissue paper

Overall study findings confirmed that tissue paper packaging enhances the shopper’s buying experience, makes them more emotionally attached to the products they receive, improves customer retention, and even encourages customer endorsement of the product. It also enhances the perception of the value and quality of the brand!

One more “plus” of packaging with tissue paper will make those customers who are environmentally friendly appreciate the effort. Some packaging materials can be recycled an infinite number of times, others just 2 or 3 times. The lifespan of recycling opportunities for paper is 5 to 7 times, versus only 3 to 4 times for cardboard and only once for plastic, like bubble wrap.

So heads up e-commerce world — tissue paper has taken on a whole new significance for both shippers and consumers!

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