We may be Smaller, but we provide Better Service and other Competitive Advantages

December 23 2019
Downtown Driver

We may be Smaller, but we provide Better Service and other Competitive Advantages

Regional shipping companies such as LSO/Lone Star Overnight have to deal with their national competition due to their larger national footprint and higher package volumes handled by the nationals, but we understand when it comes to performance, we have to be equal or better in order to hold our own.

The holiday season brings challenges for everyone, as the package volume can double and customer expectations are high. This year there are six fewer shipping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so shipping companies are under additional pressure to get holiday packages to their customers and meet expectations. Amazon, who dropped FedEx this year for its own deliveries in the U.S, recently announced that it is now prohibiting third-party sellers from selecting FedEx Ground delivery service for its Prime shipments in the final stages of the holiday shipping, due to a recent decrease in FedEx’s performance.

LSO’s On-Time Service holds up to the test compared to both Amazon and the national carriers for the week after Black Friday, as reported by ShipMatrix:  

LSO/Lone Star Overnight93.1%

Competitive On Time Service, up to 40% less cost, more user friendly, and a live Customer Service agent to take your calls… LSO /Lone Star Overnight is committed to keeping our promises to our customers, during the holiday season and throughout the year.

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