What do Customers Want Today?

March 16 2020
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What do Customers Want Today?

Consumers today have everything they want right at their fingertips. They are educated and thoughtful buyers who want choices that fit their needs and wants. Retailers who are smart are paying attention to the myriad of consumer data available today, so they can match the products they offer to their customers’ interests. Once the buying decision is made, fast and accurate delivery becomes the consumers’ next expectation.

Retailers can access a variety of tools to close the gap between the time when the customer places the order and when the product is delivered to the customer’s door. One option is to create more fulfillment centers to close the gap and shorten the delivery distance to the customer. Many carriers also see the advantage of multi-carrier shipping software to expand their shipping options and control their costs. Once the most cost effective carrier is selected, the software will create a compliant shipping label to remove any errors that might delay delivery to the customer.

The right selection of a shipping partner is critical to pleasing the customer. Shippers have more choices than they may realize when it comes to which logistics company handles their shipping. Regional carriers like LSO, the largest region in the southwest, offer competitive pricing with up to a 40% discount, provide often faster service within an expanded and flexible network, and a much more user-friendly experience, plus offering a wider schedule of pickup and delivery times that will be attractive to many customers.  

In today’s world, you need to be fast. Give customers the product choices they want, then work with your delivery partner to ensure the entire experience is one that makes them come back. LSO can be that delivery partner for you. Visit lso.com for a multitude of shipping options.

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