Why Manual Airbill?

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Benefits of printing your shipping label online:

  • No special paper needed, prints on regular printer paper right from your desk.
  • Simply tape the label onto your box, or slide it into a clear plastic shipping sleeve. Ready to use, as soon as you print.
  • Information is uploaded immediately after scanning for ease in tracking on Peace of mind.
  • Save money by printing online. No Manual processing fee: $7.50 extra per shipment for Ground, $0.30 extra per shipment for Express.
  • No manual entry of data means your shipment details are available immediately after scanning, exactly as you created it.
  • Need to reprint? No problem. There are no fees for making a label that you don’t use. There’s no need to cancel it like with other carriers.
  • Frequent users can print up to 25 labels online at a time. Webship user only.
  • You can print up to 25 return labels at a time. Webship user only.
  • Webship users can log in and access their frequent shipping locations by utilizing an Address book of saved favorites (Quick Codes).
  • Webship users can save User Preferences to save frequently used shipping characteristics. (Ex: Save a certain service type, we require a billing reference, etc.)
  • Webship users can run shipping reports to see all shipments on their account (created online) for 60 days.

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